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New Member Classes

New member classes are held twice each year, once in the fall and once in the spring.
If you are interested in learning more about Atonement or are just looking to brush up on your understanding of the Lutheran Church please feel free to contact us for the next scheduled class.

Class Outline

Week 1:Martin Luther, The Man and the Church ? Heretic or Not?

Via a video presentation you will come to better understand the culture and context surrounding the Reformation and Luther's role in it.
Week 2:What Lutherans Believe and Why!

We will take a look at some basic Lutheran understandings of the Bible, Sacraments and the theology of the church.
Week 3:Atonement and the ELCA, History and How it Works.

History will take us on a tour of Atonement as it heads into its second 50 years; and the ELCA, still in its teenage years. We'll look briefly at structure and what makes the Church tick.
Week 4:Discovering your Gifts; A Gift Inventory Assessment Process.

Understanding one's gifts assists a person in carrying out ministry. Where do your passions lie? What is it that excites you? In what ways has God gifted you for ministry in the world?  You may be surprised by the outcomes!
Week 5:Ministry Showcase: Directors and what they Direct.

Atonement is still in the process of refining a restructuring process in order to become permission giving, empower people to use their God given gifts and create new opportunities for God's work to be carried out in the world. We'll take a look to see how this all works.