A Welcome From Pastor John Macholz

Inviting! That, in one word, is the focus of the ministry at Atonement Lutheran Church. Inviting others into the presence of the living God. Inviting God’s people to prepare their faith and lives to be lived out each day. Inviting all to go into the world to live the faith!

In light of that I’d like to invite you to understand more of what Atonement is all about. Take your journey through our web site. Check out Christian Education and what is going on. Delve into the Board of Ministries connection and meet some members as you discover what leadership is about. Look into the section on Youth Ministry and see where we are headed. You’ll be surprised!

I believe Atonement is a church on the go and growing. We have adopted a set of core beliefs to stand alongside our mission statement, which is the focus of all that we do. We are expanding worship opportunities for all.

We have added a staff person who focuses on Youth and Family Ministry, creating opportunities for young people in the parish and community to grow in life and faith and fellowship. We operate within a structure that exists to be permission giving and forward thinking, continually asking how we carry out ministry so that we can become more effective, help to grow leaders and learn new models. We are looking to the future and asking where God is leading us.

If you are searching for a church home I’d like to invite you to visit us. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you and share further all that is going on and see how you might be a part of the present and future. In the meantime may our God bless your life with joy and the knowledge of God’s presence.

Please note also that you can use this web site to discover basic information about the congregation and what it is doing. The monthly newsletter, “The Tidings,” is here. A weekly devotional is included. Connections to other sites are available. The list is almost endless.

Enjoy the visit and if we can be of help, don’t hesitate to be in touch with me via email (, call the office at 585-442-1018 or drop a note. Together God is calling us to be disciples in the world; living the faith and stepping out in trust and confidence so that the Good News of God in Christ Jesus might be heard.

Keep the faith.
John S. Macholz, Pastor