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DETROIT! - We're Baack!
July 14-19, 2015
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Dear Atonement,

Peace be with you.

     We are blessed to have Pastor Gail Swanson accept a call to Atonement Lutheran Church here in Rochester, New York.  She has agreed to a two-year term call contract.  Because she is not an Intentional Interim Pastor, we are able to offer a full call to her at the end of the two years. 

     What a lovely supper and dessert on Saturday night to meet with each other and Pastor Gail!  Our service on Sunday was magnificent and joyous.  At the congregational meeting after a good discussion and question session a vote was taken and the results were 76 yes votes and 3 no votes. 

     Pastor Gail Swanson will be starting with us on March 1, 2015.  Her husband who is a pastor also has accepted a call in the Rochester area. 

     Thank you to all the congregation for your help, guidance and willingness to be accepting of what the Synod, our Bishop, our Dean, and your Board of Ministries were working on to reach this term call.

 May the grace of Christ, our Savior,

And the Father's boundless love,

With the Holy Spirit's favor,

Rest upon us from above.

Thus may we abide in union with each other and the Lord

And possess, in sweet communion,

Joys which earth cannot afford.    Amen.


       Pastor Gail Swanson - Office Hours Tuesday - Friday

If you are in need of pastoral care, please call Pastor Gail at 434-0980


Called to be Christ’s presence and love in God’s world and recognizing that we are all God’s children with differing abilities and gifts, we as members of Atonement Lutheran Church welcome persons who are, gay, lesbian, transgendered, bi-sexual, transsexual, and heterosexual as well as of any ethnicity, culture, socio-economic status, or other characteristic, who come bringing with them their life experiences, hopes and dreams in order that they might experience the presence and love of God in this community of faith.

Atonement Lutheran Church 
is a gathering of God's People called to:
 invite all people into the presence of the living God,
prepare for ministry in daily life and
go into the world as disciples

You're Invited!
There is a lot going on at Atonement.
  • Our Youth and Family Minister that has provided various opportunities for families and youth of all ages to grow in spirituality as well as strengthen fellowship within the congregation. 
  • Our Musical Director provides a liturgically inspired musical program for both traditional and contemporary services, as well as several special events throughout the year. He also directs a children's choir as well as an adult choir .
  • Spiritual Formation and Christian Education opportunities abound with periodic weekly Bible Studies, a monthly Men's breakfast and Bible Study, Sunday morning Adult Forum and Sunday School.
  • We continue to share our gifts with our community through several benevolence events including; A Spring Rummage Sale and Labors of Love Craft Sale. All proceeds for these events go to a selected charity within the Greater Rochester Area.
Atonement also offers Christian education for all ages between services and a staffed nursery attendant trained and ready to watch young children during the service and in between services if needed.

Most of all Atonement has a welcoming congregation ready to meet you and share further all that is going on at Atonement.
Come visit. Everyone is invited! 

We worship every Sunday with Holy Communion at 2 services from Labor Day to Memorial Day. 

8:45 AM - traditional service 
11:15 AM - more contemporary service

10 AM is education for all with Sunday School and Adult Forum, as well as fellowship with coffee and bagels each week.

     In the summer months we worship at 9:30 AM alternating traditional and contemporary services each week.
     Each summer service is followed by a "Lemonade on the Lawn" event for everyone to spend time in fellowship.

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